Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A different kind of crafty day...

Good evening,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and wish you all a great start to your week! I wanted to craft away all weekend but I wound up catching up on some much needed (seasonal) domestics. I did have one late night this weekend...couldn't sleep (sick puppy - something she ate).

Today I had to run some errands. When I got home, I was feeling like flow of part of our home was being cluttered. I'm quite fond of moving furniture and trying out new configurations. Making the flow of the home more fluid and smooth, provides me with more emotional and mental clarity. Plus it feels great accomplishing something and moving furniture can be quite a workout. *lol*  Last week, I moved my sewing station and extension table to improve the flow of my craft room. I really feel like my craft room is coming along! Let the creativity fly!

At any rate, our kitchen table has a new space but is still connected to the kitchen (just in a larger space). The dog crates have a space where the kitchen table used to be. It's much nicer having them there. The dogs are loving it too! There's no doubt that my pups feel more like they're being included, rather than secluded, in the new location. I love that they have a place that's more centrally located in our home. I could feel the joy and calmness from them tonight. Now that's a win-win!

On my sleepless night, a few nights back, I decided it was time to register my Cricut Explore! I'm attaching a vid on how to register the Explore and another of the first (Make It Now) project that comes up once you register the Explore, the "Thank You" card. It was a lot of fun making the card, using the write and cut feature. I definitely want to invest in the Explore's pen set now! The metallic silver pen that comes with the Explore write beautifully and so smooth. 

I had a slight problem at first when I went to register my Explore on my laptop (PC). It came down to a simple solution, however. It seems the USB cable that came with my Explore wasn't getting a good connection using one of my laptop's USB ports. Re-connecting it to a different USB port resolved my issue. :)

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to doing some paper-crafting. My youngest wants a leprechaun trap. SVGCuts has a fantastic and cute leprechaun trap available, currently, for FREE!!! 

Well, I ought to get some shuteye. I have a busy, crafty day planned for tomorrow! Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Good day all! Well, my Cricut Explore has arrived! I've unpacked it but haven't been able to use it much yet. I'm setting up a space for it, so my laptop can also sit next to it. :) 

Tonight my Explore should be set up for some real work. Tomorrow, I hope to have some photos up of some SVG items cut out! I really want that vintage typewriter from SVGCuts. Looks like I'll finally get a chance to order the kit this week. :)

In the spirit of Spring, I want to make some flowery things! Now is a great time to start working on Mother's Day cards and gifts. :D I'm going to add the video of my Explore's ceremonious unboxing. Sorry if you don't hear me all throughout; I was using my iPad to record, which I don't do often. 

Also, don't forget to adjust your clocks 1 hour forward on Sunday, March 9th (or as I do it the night before)!

I wish you a wonderful and crafty day!